Why Layout is Important in Design?

Layout is the sizing, spacing, and placement of contents in design.Contents including Logo, Caption, Image, text, details etc.. Effective layout is crucial in helping users find what they are looking for quickly, as well as making the appearance visually appealing. Effective layout can make the difference between designs that users immediately understand and those that leave users feeling puzzled and overwhelmed.

Layout is just like the setting in your drawing room. When you enter the drawing room, You may have space to go through, sit on the sofas comfortably. The room should be pleasing to the eyes. But if the things would be disturbed, you wont enter the drawing room again. Same is the case with your design. The user enters your design, go through it easily, and understands what it is for..

Effective layout has these attributes:

Focus: The layout indicates where users need to look first.

Flow:  The eye flows smoothly and naturally by a clear path through the surface, finding elements in the appropriate order for their use.

Grouping: Logically related elements have a clear visual relationship. Related items are grouped together; unrelated items are separate.

Emphasis: Elements are emphasized based on their relative importance.

Alignment: The elements have coordinated placement, so they are easy to appear orderly.

Easy to scan: Users can find the content they are looking for at a glance.

Balance: The content appears evenly distributed across the surface.

Consistency: Similar pages use a similar layout, so users always feel oriented.

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